Board of Directors

The PTA Board of Directors welcomes your input and participation!

Have you considered serving in a leadership role?

We currently have  2 open positions on the 2017-2018 board :

  • Audit Committee Chair
  • Nominating Committee Chair

Contact Karen Poteat for more information or to volunteer.

In addition to these board positions, there are numerous committees looking for volunteers too! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page for more ways to get involved.

Have an idea or suggestion for a program you’d like to see implemented here at Underwood?  Have questions about PTA ?  Feel free to contact any of the board members below.  We’d love to hear from you.

The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month during the school year.

PTA General Membership meetings are held four times a year and will include special speakers.

2017-2018 Board Members

President                                                           Karen Poteat
Secretary                                                           Virginia Murray
Treasurer                                                           Ryland Herring
VP Cultural Arts & Artspleasure               Julia Mastropaolo & Laura Urban
VP Fundraising                                              Allison Pant
VP Fundraising: Unicorn Trot                  Colleen Rohner & Susan Hill
VP Fundraising: Winter Carnival            Jennifer MontanerHolly Helmig
VP Gardening                                                Holly Helmig
VP Hospitality                                              Melissa Hayes
VP Member Hub                                         Jennifer Gospaderek
VP Membership                                          Alex Van Staveren & Liz Wilkerson
VP Reflections                                             Gail Van Matre
VP Science Olympiad                                Steve Hess
Advocacy Committee Chair
Audit Committee Chair
Nominating Committee Chair
At-Large Members                                     Ryland Herring
Teacher Representative
Principal                                                       Travis Shillings


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